For Physician Offices

***Please review all the information on this page and the page of the drug for which you are referring your patient***

Virtually all infusible or injectable medications require prior authorization. We ask that you review the information on the page below, for the appropriate drug, and send all the requested information with your orders so that our authorizations clerk may successfully and efficiently obtain the authorization on your patient’s behalf. We will promptly schedule patients only after the prescriber’s office has sent all the necessary documentation to obtain prior authorization.

For patients with Medicare, there are special considerations for referral. Prior to initiation of treatment, due to laws regarding Medicare compliance, one of our providers must perform an initial visit with your patient and annually thereafter to review the treatment plan of the treating physician. If you wish to refer a patient for off-label therapy, the treating physician must provide adequate written documentation of medical necessity and briefly discuss with one of our physicians. We will promptly schedule patients for off-label treatment regimens after this communication has occurred.

At the present time, we are not performing chemotherapy, blood, antibiotic infusion or IV hydration. Please check back often, as we will add medications as new indications or approvals come.

We want to make the process for referring a patient for infusion therapy as simple as possible. To achieve this, please choose a medication below for more information.

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